New Mistake - EP

by The Heavy Howl

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Steve - vocals, guitar
Amanda - vocals, bass
Christine - vocals, theremin, tamborine
Cyndie Lou - drums


released June 2, 2015

written by Steven Williams
produced and engineered by Chris Peck



all rights reserved


The Heavy Howl New York, New York

""Radio" by @TheHeavyHowl is my shizzzznit"-Questlove via Twitter

"The Howl's songs and their interest for textural details are entirely their own." -The Deli Mag

"“You’re marvelous when you stop tweeting” is maybe one of the best lines I’ve heard in a rock and roll song"-Digital Mumbles

"It is definitely a super cool EP; a super cool band. I want to party with them."-Audiofuzz
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Track Name: Radio
his hands fit in his pockets
a new form of decay
he gets all that he wants
and he wants what he wants by the end of the day

put it on

he gets loud and obnoxious
he talks faster than you
he's locked up in his office
he fits where he sits in a nice little cube

put it on

we all stand at attention
we all kneel down to pray
we're all looking for prophets
the prophets we need don't have nothing to say

put it on the radio
Track Name: Run and Hide
the space age is here at last
save yourself before the system crash
run and hide

shoot a text to show me how you feel
don't need a pulse to prove our love is real
run and hide

break the locks and don't look back
pump it up before we fade to black
teen angst is so last week
you're marvelous when you stop tweeting

all our memories up in a cloud
Instagram and make your momma proud
run and hide
bye bye

break the locks and don't look back
pump it up before we fade to black
teen angst is so last week
you're marvelous when you stop tweeting
stop tweeting
Track Name: New Mistake
morning comes and leaves you torn and frayed
and everyone you love gets in your way
phone rings you don't pick up
forming words seems all too much
maybe you just found a new mistake

you need time to be alone

you wish the raven perched atop your door
to whisper in your ear, "nevermore"
maybe Poe, he had it right
there's nothing worse than bright sunlight
maybe you're just rotten to the core

you need time to be alone
Track Name: The Story
you need to listen
sit back and rest here for a spell
some call it wishing
i think its just another coin lost in the well

I saw that boy fall to his knees
I watched him float above the trees
yes, I did

There's something coming
another cold, dark rain will trickle in
it's awful funny
we can't find a goddam place to hide this sin

your love is all he'll ever need
these scars won't teach him how to bleed
like i did

can't help but wonder
if there's a lunatic behind the door
it's just a story
one that you'll be hearing more and more

I see him every time he sleeps
i watch him counting every sheep
like i did